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Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on your goal and timeline to meet a goal. It is always important to start with education by reviewing the workout videos prior to working out. If you are a beginner, then you should start with Beginner programs that build your foundation. Focus on improving core, stability, posture, and muscular endurance. Once you understand how to perform exercises properly and have a strong foundation, we can continue to progress to more advanced workout programs.
Some use the programs indefinitely as they provide exercise tracking and a plan to keep fitness simple. Each of the primary programs can be between 4 to 48 weeks in duration depending on your goal. The workouts are 15-30-60 minutes in duration depending on the exact workout. The workouts can be full body or partial body workouts depending on your goal. Extra core, mobility, and posture routines which are 10-15 minutes in duration are also included to enhance your overall goal.
Subscriptions can be canceled at any time and there is no minimum contract.
The instructions to cancel your subscription are in your app account directly above the list of workouts in the app. I have also copied them below: -Log into the webpage -Click on the drop down next to your name in the top right hand corner -Click My Account -Click My Purchases -Click Three vertical dots on the right side of the page -Click Cancel Auto Renew
Yes, absolutely. There will be a huge amount of exercises you can do which will not aggravate your injury. Many app users have also used the programs to help clear up nagging injuries. If you have an injury you are trying to work around I am happy to provide guidance. Just send a message through the in app messaging service.

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